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  • Sam HUANG

  • $300
24 Male. Young working professional, look after his own personal wellbeing and clean up his own mess at his parent's place. Is able to self manage time once settled and can warm up to conversation with medium age to elderly people.
Name is Samuel (English). Xiangyu is my Chinese name. I am born in China but is now Australian citizen'd for over the last 12 years or

Will be working in RPA Hospital for one year contract full time work as ENrolled Nursing. Before going onto USYD for further studies. Thank you for hearing from me. Best way to contact me is via phone number +61420550419 or email me directly to

I do take some supplements and protein requirement powder to gain my strength back up again. Physically I look fit. Spiritually I go to a church on the weekends, so I may either be at work not around the home. Emotionally can be a little sad at times, but I am willing to open up when I have opportunities to talk about it more out loud. Thank you for reading.

No known drug allergies, I do not smoke and will keep myself from those vices. I may be allergic to some plant or dust/bedmite bites that gave me cellulitis before, but I wasn't sure what it was certain it was

Listed 07 Oct 2019
Nationality Australia
Occupation Student
Place of Study Sydney
Campus Sydney
Required From 10 Oct 2019
Required To 24 Jan 2020
Ok with pets? Yes
Smokes No
Meals Dinner
Requires Internet Yes
Requires Airport No


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