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  • Ahmed

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Dear there, this is Ahmed Alohali, as a teenager, and one who had lived a sheltered and protected life. I earned my High school degree from Alexander Academy in Vancouver British Columbia. Now, I’m full time student at York university. Thankfully, I got accepted into the major that I always wanted which is international relations at York University. Since when I was young, many people have told me that I’m an outgoing kid who likes to get involved in social events like sports event and concerts. I personally think that I'm the type of person who feels much stronger when he is in the center of attention. Honestly, not in all social events, this feeling comes to me only when I feel comfortable with the surroundings. Furthermore, that’s why I think part of to succeed in a new place is to understand the surroundings. As 20 years old boy, I expect my host family to be a happy family and an open minded family so that we could get along together very easily. I would be so thankful if my homestay could understand the things that I like to do. I would really enjoy going out with my new family to watch basketball games like Raptors or hockey team maple leaf. Last not least I’m looking forward to meeting my new family.

Listed 22 Aug 2019
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Occupation Student
Place of Study York University (Kelee)
Campus Keele
Required From 29 Aug 2019
Required To 30 Apr 2020
Ok with pets? Yes
Smokes No
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Requires Internet Yes
Requires Airport No


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