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  • Andrea

  • $227
Hello, I come from China and currently studying in Auckland. It would be a pleasure to live in a homestay and to be kept busy with my uni life.

Speaking of myself, I tend to focus on my study and keep a regular routine of getting up at 5:30am and going to bed after 9:30pm. As I am very concerned that my early wake up could disturb my family’s sleep, I would try my best to keep the voice down while doing the washing.
I am pretty good at keeping my bedroom clean and take care of my sanitation, as I pay a lot of attention to leading a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, as a student with very limited amount of time ,I would be grateful if my homestay can offer me with breakfast and dinner, and if possible, some fruits to grab on the go. I consider myself as being not very picky about foods (though I need your excuse for eating very little of a dish if there is raw meat or raw seafood in it). If you like healthy foods such as meat and vegetables without too much oil, we can make good companions!
As a habit, I would wash my underwears by myself and leave the other clothes in the washing machine. I don’t have a blanket,but I do have a bed sheet and quilt cover.

As my friends put it, I am not a very talkative person, but on the inside I care a lot about the people around me and their feelings.
It would be a pleasure to know you share the same home during my stay in Auckland.
Listed 06 Apr 2019
Nationality New Zealand
Occupation Student
Place of Study Auckland City
Campus Auckland
Required From 10 Apr 2019
Required To 20 Nov 2019
Ok with pets? No
Smokes No
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Requires Internet Yes
Requires Airport No


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